Statement of Purpose

We are a collective of writers, artists, tinkerers and thinkers devoted to the exploration of an environmentally and socially conscious art movement that we have christened GreenPunk. You may read the original GreenPunk Manifesto.

The purpose of this website is to: further define and delineate the boundaries of this emergent genre;  promote awareness and discussion of emergent environmental and social problems; and to create a centralized location for the dissemenation of education, art and fiction related to the same.

In accordance with our manifesto, we recognize GreenPunk as the following:

(A) A technophilic spec-fic movement centered on characters using and being affected by the use of DIY renewable resources, recycling and repurposing.

(B) Emphasizing the ability of the individual – and his or her responsibility – for positive ecological and social change.

(C) Envisions a world in which the detritus of consumer culture as propogated by the Elite is appropriated and repurposed by the masses toward the reconstruction of a devastated ecology and the address of social ills.

GreenPunk can be post-capitalist and post-consumer. What it isn’t is post-apocalyptic. While by necessity ecological changes and their effects on humanity are explored in GreenPunk literature, they are not fetishized or nihilistically embraced. While we recognize GreenPunk as being cognizant of social and environmental ills, we envision it as an essentially optimistic genre and a pragmatic-albeit idealistic-one: humanity has the potential to solve its problems if they are recognized and addressed in a creative manner.

It is likely that our  manifesto and even our conception of GreenPunk will evolve over the duration of our discussion, and in the spirit of discussion we welcome your input.